Barker & Associates LLC Group Retirement Planning Services

Many experts consider a 401(k) retirement plan to be the Perfect Savings Plan.

We offer the following types of 401(k) plans:

  • Traditional 401k
  • Safe Harbor 401k
  • Profit Sharing 401k
  • Roth 401k

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Barker & Associates LLC provides our Group Retirement planning services

401(k) plans have grown exponentially over the past decade.  That’s because they offer employers a flexible means by which to help their employees save for their own retirement.  Also, one of the best features of a 401(k ) plan is company matching.  Where else can you get a guaranteed and immediate investment return? 

The following are additional plan features that enhance the plan value to the company and its employees:

Payroll Deduction

Adds a forced savings element. You must pay yourself first.

Pre-Taxed Dollars

Why not let the government contribute by letting you use tax-free dollars?

Tax-Deferred Income

You pay no income tax on the income you earn until withdrawal.

Compounding Interest

You can enjoy earning tax- free “interest – on – interest”.
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Diversified Investment Options

Your money will be professionally managed by our experienced advisor

Dollar Cost Averaging

By contributing small amounts over time you will buy shares at the lowest costs.

Penalty for Early Withdrawal

Helps you save your money until you need it at retirement.

Generous Allowable Contributions

A 401(k) plan lets you invest up to 25% of your pay.
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