Farm & Equine Insurance

You care for your horse, but let’s face it… horses have a way of getting hurt.

Equine insurance is a varied landscape of products that protect you from the expense of providing care to your horse, or even replacing your equine partner if the worst happens.

Let us help protect the future of your equine business

The horse industry is vast, with professionals providing services such as training, farriery, and veterinary care, to farms and stables providing boarding or hosting horse shows and events, to vendors offering supplies, tack, equipment, feed, and other necessities. Equine businesses face potential liabilities different than those in other industries and often require specialized policies. At ISU Insurance Solutions Group LLC, we are equipped with knowledge and background in equine businesses, so we can work with our top carriers to provide customized coverages specific to your business. As every horse owner knows, no matter how prepared you are, horses still seem to find a way to hurt themselves or cause damage. Usually these issues are small, but if the damages are large, you need to protect yourself, your horses, and your business.

Commercial Equine Insurance

We are with you for the long run

Our agent, Ms. Barron, provides such great support for us. I cannot recommend this firm highly enough. She’s found better rates, consulted with us on good choices in coverage, and helped us feel truly watched out for. In a world in which there’s too much that isn’t what it’s advertised as being, she’s the real deal. She’s been, since the very first day, a staunch and tireless advocate for us in both our professional insurance and our family insurance. She’s also intelligent, funny, and just a good human being. My only hesitation in recommending her is that she might get busy and I’d have less time to enjoy a chat when we sort out our insurance needs.

M. Campbell, NSAE Snohomish WA.

The equine world is difficult to navigate as it is unique to each individual and each property. No two horse properties or situations are alike. I was constantly looking for a knowledgeable company and person to help me navigate an overwhelmingly confusing world of insuring my property and horse business. Lexi Barron at ISG Barker was not only knowledgeable but helpful in bringing different angles to my business and helping me structure things in a way so that she could get me the coverage I needed at the best possible premium and keeping me protected legally at the same time. She has a talent as unique as my situation and I am so glad that I found her!

John P.

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