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Your business is your most important asset when it comes to generating revenue. The assessment of its exposure to risks, placing those coverages with reputable companies and creating accurate and details-oriented policies crafted for your specific operations should never be put in the hands of a bot, an algorithm or anyone who is less than totally invested in your business. Don’t become another horror story. If you value the time, labor and money you’ve invested into your hard work, you need real support. We are your insurance brokers. We will bring you into our circle, we will invest into you all of our resources and knowledge, and will tend to the matters of protecting your business as if it was our own!

Technology Industry Insurance

Why choose us?

We’ve served hundreds of businesses over decades. From start to finish, we’re there with you. We work hard to prove that our clients can trust us. We’re appointed to the highly coveted ISU network. This means we only work with A-and-higher rated carriers. We’re independent, which means that whilst we maintain great relationships with our carriers, we always place YOUR needs above anything else. We pride ourselves on prompt communication and making our knowledge and resources available to you. If you’re serious about your business and its future, we want to get to know you better.

Commercial Insurance Services

We are here for your business

What an amazing team @ Barker & Associates. I have been a small business(17 employees) client for over 10 years. The individual care & support I receive is so refreshing & incredible. Not only do they locate the best coverage & premiums, I can call anytime and get the best customer service ever!!! Thank you team for always being there & taking care of me.

Judi Clark

I wouldn't have been able to open my business if not for David Barron's assistance. He took charge from the very first time we spoke and I felt confident that he'd be the person who could make it happen. And he did! I was also privileged to have Lexi Barron provide advice and insight. Communication was stellar; at no point did he get impatient or condescending whenever I didn't understand the insurance jargon. The requirements of my policy changed frequently due to unforeseen circumstances and it was a very long and tedious process to get the to end but he rolled with it. I can't emphasize this enough; I would not be able to realize my dream if not for David and Lexi's help. Please ditch whichever agent you have and go with them. You won't regret it. David and Lexi, from the bottom of my heart, thank you so very much for being you.

Aishah Hammock

Thanks for all the work you’re doing to get us the best rate! We appreciate having our business with you. We appreciate that you care about helping us make sure we have the right coverage at the best price.

Marci Towle, Rod Bikes

I stay where I am without shopping Barker because I believe you guys give me the best service at a fair price. I am blessed to have an agency that looks out for my company and cares about us the way you do.

Pac Star Gutters

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